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Explore and learn more about the history of Byen & Bugten

The city, the bay and biology

At the exhibition you can learn more about the history of Aarhus: From the time the landscape was formed during the last ice age to the Viking Age, when Aarhus became an important trading centre. From there, you can travel all the way to modern times, where the city boasts rich nature, culture and numerous architectural sites.




Aarhus Bay played a major role in the history of Aarhus and continues to do so today, providing the setting for waterfront city life for the city's inhabitants. The exhibition takes you on a tour of the city and bay's history, from the past to the present, with the construction of several new neighbourhoods, including Aarhus Ø.

Aarhus Bay is not only the setting for great stories, it's also home to a wealth of underwater wildlife. You can learn more about the rich wildlife when the exhibition takes you up close to the constructed stone reef at Aarhus Ø and the old World War II wrecks, with a particular focus on water quality and underwater plant life.





An exhibition that stimulates the senses

The exhibition combines physical scenography, digital effects and authentic artefacts. Look through the underwater binoculars and see if any of the bay's fish are swimming by. Crawl through one of the old sewer pipes leading into the bay and see where you end up. Or sit back and watch a film that introduces the bay and the city from the Viking Age to the present day


We have created experiences for the whole family in the exhibition. Through film, images, interaction and stories, you can immerse yourself in the history of Byen & Bugten.

Useful information before visiting

Aarhus Øje offers experiences for everyone – whether young or old, child or adult. We have gathered some practical information that is good for you to know before your visit to Aarhus Øje. We look forward to welcoming you for a fantastic experience.

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