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A destination full of experiences for everyone, with a view of the whole city

Aarhus Øje is a unique destination full of experiences, which invites guests on a journey through different eras. An interactive exhibition about the City & Bay describes how the city has been shaped by both nature and people.

The highlight of the visit will, of course, be the breathtaking view from the 44th floor. From this spectacular vantage point, guests will have a panoramic view of Aarhus Bay, the city skyline and the surrounding landscape. Aarhus Øje is a destination for insight, admiration and reflection. A place where guests can connect with Aarhus on a deeper level and discover the beauty of the Byen & Bugten exhibition from a unique and elevated perspective.

With its groundbreaking architecture, Aarhus Øje will be the city's new landmark where generations gather and memories are made.

The story of Aarhus Øje

The story of Aarhus Øje began when the first line for the Lighthouse was drawn by architects 3XN. Back then, the ambition was to design a building that welcomed you to the city – whether you arrived by land, sea or air. It was also the vision to create a place that could embrace the city and invite everyone in to experience Aarhus from 142 metres above the ground.

The numerous ideas, visions and plans have since become reality with the creation of Aarhus Øje. Today, it is a destination full of experiences, and it is so much more than just a place with a view. It is a focal point for the city, which draws visitors into the history of the Lighthouse, Aarhus and the bay. The vision of creating a place that invites everyone has been realised at the top of Aarhus Øje, where you can gaze out over the city, the bay and the forest.

The view from the top, arrival on the ground floor and experiences underground

Aarhus Øje is many things – and a visit here will leave you feeling deeply fulfilled. You can experience a magnificent view from the top, which is an experience that we are confident you will never forget.

In our City & Bay exhibition, you can explore the reefs around the Lighthouse. From here, you can move up to the surface of the sea, where Aarhus Ø appears. The exhibition gives you insight into how our view of the bay has changed over time.

You can also learn how Denmark's largest residential property development, Lighthouse, was built.

Buy one ticket and get access to all the experiences in Aarhus Øje.