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Explore Aarhus Øje as a Group – Let’s customize your visit

At Aarhus Øje, we're ready to create the experience that suits you and your group best. We’ll make sure to give you a unique experience, whether you're inviting your family for birthday celebrations, offering your business partners a new kind of experience, or toasting with your colleagues at the top.

Below you'll find a few suggestions for experiences you can put together to create the best framework for your visit, but we always tailor each visit to your wishes.

Contact us and let's create the experience you dream of.

See Aarhus from new perspectives with your colleagues

Invite your team to experience Aarhus Øje with each other. Toast to your successes from the top of Aarhus with a glass of Restaurant Bavn's exquisite bubbles while enjoying the unique view over the eastern Jutland landscape. Then, head downstairs and explore the exhibition "The City and the Bay".

Listen to exciting stories tailored to your interests

When you visit Aarhus Øje, you have the opportunity to learn more about your favorite topics with a guided tour. Our partners, Aarhus SeaRangers, are experts in both Aarhus Ø, life in the bay, and the city's history, and they look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Perhaps you want to hear more details about the history of Aarhus Ø? Dive into the wildlife in the bay? Become experts on the island's architecture?

Go on a city walk of Aarhus Ø

Learn more about Aarhus' newest district with a private guide from Aarhus SeaRangers. Here, you'll experience the newest initiatives and projects in the harbor area, gain new perspectives on urban development with stories about Aarhus Ø's environments and biology, and learn more about the connection between the city and the bay from the Viking Age to today.

The story comes to life, and you'll experience nature firsthand with ongoing tastings of authentic Viking mead and seaweed from the bay.

Dining options

Do you wish to enjoy a unique dining experience during your visit? Combine your visit with lunch or dinner at Bavn. You can visit either the restaurant on the 44th floor or the brasserie on the 1st floor.

Bavn Restaurant

A dining experience above the clouds with a view of Aarhus, the bay, and the forest.

Bavn Brasserie

A vibrant addition to the restaurant scene with delicious flavors, hospitality, and exquisite beverages.

Good to know before your visit

Get insights into the practicalities ahead of your visit. We've gathered practical information and answers to the most common questions so you can be fully prepared before your visit to Aarhus Øje. We look forward to welcoming you to a truly unique experience.