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Extend the Aarhus Eye experience with dining at Bavn

Enjoy the view and a great lunch at Bavn Restaurant

We bring people together from near and far and welcome them with great hospitality and real food.

Bavn Restaurant is open for lunch every day of the week. We serve a good classic lunch with our own personal favourites. We are passionate about great service, an impressive wine and schnapps menu, classic craftsmanship traditions and the fine dining experience. We also set the table for dinner every Friday, where we serve a set menu that changes according to our moods and the season.

Classic cuisine with personality at Bavn Brasserie

Overlooking Aarhus Bay and the entrance to the container harbour, you'll find our Brasserie.

Bavn's universe is lively, uncompromising and humorous. Our big dream is for our Brasserie to be an eatery that brings everyone together.

It's updated classic brasserie cuisine with a strong personal profile. Our honest and creative kitchen embraces new trends while evoking memories for most of our guests.