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An iconic building and city landmark

Explore the architecture, inspired by the sea and the city

At Aarhus Øje, you can explore the full story of the Lighthouse and how Aarhus' new landmark came to be. You can read about the architects from 3XN, who had a vision to create a truly unique building.

A vision to create a beacon for the whole of Aarhus, which welcomes everyone. The water, waves, nature and view of the entire bay have been the inspiration for creating the Lighthouse. The curved and soft lines of the building itself are a reflection of the water and the eternal movement of the waves. The diversity of Aarhus and the diversity of people has also been the source of inspiration for a building design characterised by diversity.

Facts about the building

Denmark's tallest residential building requires a lot of construction materials. So many that it can be hard to fathom. We've gathered some facts and figures about the construction below, so you can learn more about how the Lighthouse was built. In the exhibition, you'll also find a model of the building, where you can learn even more.



A home for many with room to enjoy life

Today, the Lighthouse is home to many people. Here, young and old, children and adults live side by side – enjoying life in the centre of the city and close to the water.

At the Lighthouse, residents have access to a private courtyard, with everything from a trampoline and slide to a pavilion and exercise facilities. Residents can also unwind in their private community centre with room to hold events and a wellness area with a sauna and lounge area.

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